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  • mother


    When my mother laughed, it was from a slightly pained place When she gave advices, it was from her previous mistakes When she’d caress my hair she’d be so gentle Not moving hairs, but wrapping them in love As she’d caress in me only the bits that I had borrowed from herself ‘Now please let […]

  • humour


    The road opened up in front of me, a bouquet of gleaming lights Like the Mad Hatter I knew, there are numberless ways Of going about our problems, there are a trillion ways That this could play out and all but one would make me suffer Like the Mad Dog, but even so I had […]

  • crashing cars

    crashing cars

    He made a plan for both of them to run away Though there was nothing to hide from and no imminent danger The sky was a glowing navy blue and the smoke of his cigars Made him look as wrapped up in  sensuous mist He always looks so alert and impatient, as if on the […]

  • aging


    I used to think so highly of aging, what could be More pleasant than slowly settling into that best version Of yourself, what could be more exhilarating than looking back On all those steps and mountains and hardships  You’ve climbed, but now, as I’m slowly approaching To what I presume to be the halfmark  I […]

  • hope


    God, I’ve been sleeping so well since I accepted That I’ve been defeated by life this time around,  Even though  I sometimes feel miserable At least I’m much more rested; he dark circles have turned  Into a pale blue, I look Almost alive and I could become handsome again in no time There’s no more […]

  • hazy


    We’d  step into a hazy dawn, birds singing in the distance We’d wave them goodbye, farewell, tiny miracles We’d coat ourselves in salty summer breeze Swim naked at dawn and fall asleep in tangled limbs Oh how I miss youth and how much I resent myself for missing it Because there’s no other feeling that’s […]

  • narrative


    Now that I have lost your infinite gentle touch Your disheveled morning hair, the tangled constellation of freckles On your pointy shoulders, the way you nibbled on the pies crust And tossed aside the filling, the way your lips would plump After eating too many strawberries, the way you used to say ‘Oh how you’ll […]

  • Thoughts on music

    Thoughts on music

    U-la-la-la and la-di-da and such she singed along My lover used songs the same way other people use  Sipsmith London Dry gin and pineapple haze to manipulate their emotions and raise their spirits Or get some inspiration, he sang nursery rhymes and catholic hymns Pop hits and rock ballads, he played the piano and stroke […]

  • balmy night

    balmy night

    A balmy Monday night it was, stars flickering unsteady  Discarded clothes pushed into a corner like fallen leaves Sheets moist and clingy, breeze sweet and cold Windows squeaky, crooked floors, lukewarm water, Salty skin and bedroom eyes, soft voices and million of years ahead Waiting calmly to break us apart Image@ unsplash

  • roller coaster

    roller coaster

    You can stay, if you want to, she told me, blowing away The smoke of past, present and future cigars Seeming as distant and cold as the pale moon and I Began to feel so useless in her arms, like a broken vase With dried up flowers sitting in a remainder of a muddy water […]