Zi: 17 martie 2023

  • Seduction of darkness

    Seduction of darkness

    So what if the power went off? Aren’t we blessed with predusk golden hour, A silken pang of time  When light and dark become one? Who needs light bulbs when you’ve got candles? And what would be more pleasant Than letting the lit up world go by without us? Are you afraid of me? I […]

  • lifelong of happiness

    lifelong of happiness

    We signed up for a lifelong of happiness But agreed to sorrows too We solemnly uttered in sickness And rather joyously in health In retrospective, till death do us part Doesn’t sound half as bad as, let’s say, Donating one’s kidney. But probably most daunting of it all is commiting To a lifetime of enduring […]

  • painted on your skin

    painted on your skin

    There’s so much dawn light painted on your skin Twinkling, shaky stars in your gaze Honey sweetness on your mouth  And all the buzzing of the bees in your kisses. I daydream of you, Until I comically stumble of suddenly unfamiliar furniture. The wispy cirrus clouds are threading the sky, Like paper planes, carrying your […]