Lună: august 2022

  • goodbye summer

    goodbye summer

    Goodbye summer, see you next year Long ribbons of clouds float towards the horizon As rain falls carelessly from raging sky Broken in pieces by lightning That’s the place where all the tall people reside  In the tallest of buildings I had been crying all morning and now I’m at the end of tears Our […]

  • days like this

    It’s days like this that really get to you Make you feel like the bandaid was ripped off While you were looking the other way Trying to cross the street on the highway Risking your life stupidly, just like any other decision You seem to make nowadays; It’s not half bad that you’ve given up […]

  • babe


    Babe just launched her memoirs and she Is only twenty years old Her generation lives at turbo speed They burn years like candles She stood so full of confidence, like the Hyperion The tallest tree in the world Facing the frantic audience, reading the opening chapter With her soft, glossy smile and tears glistened Prettily […]

  • emerald water

    emerald water

    I woke up in the middle of the night Dreams about you can feel as unsettling As the most terrible nightmares Do know that I dread dreaming  About your fearless smile And flirty eyes As much as I’m afraid of gigantic spiders crawling Up my skin But I can’t help it, can I? I close […]

  • blue


    My best friend is such a talented painter He only paints with shades of blue He lost his wife to true love and french toast About five years ago and since then became utterly Uninterested with family life, but he is still a true believer; He believes his life is not defined by tragedy, Even […]

  • prayer


    I’ll never cease to feel extremely sorry For all the sorrows I didn’t relish in Bathing in pain and navigating tragedy Means of being alive and young and strong enough To leave them behind if not learning from each one of them So here I am, I promise to enjoy all the tears To savour […]

  • r u mine

    r u mine

    I went to see my favourite band just the other day Hearing their tunes felt as heartbreaking as it did back in 2014 Only this time around I felt removed from my friends and slightly anxious,  Having had abandoned my small family for a few hours I leaned against a crooked tree and let myself […]

  • fantasy


    I once fell in love with a fantasy of a woman But she failed to live up to the expectations The fantasy had long black hair, sleek like liquor Streaming back in the wind each time she rode the motorcycle And her demure legs were showing above knee high boots Whilst the real version rode […]