Lună: mai 2022

  • balmy night

    balmy night

    A balmy Monday night it was, stars flickering unsteady  Discarded clothes pushed into a corner like fallen leaves Sheets moist and clingy, breeze sweet and cold Windows squeaky, crooked floors, lukewarm water, Salty skin and bedroom eyes, soft voices and million of years ahead Waiting calmly to break us apart Image@ unsplash

  • roller coaster

    roller coaster

    You can stay, if you want to, she told me, blowing away The smoke of past, present and future cigars Seeming as distant and cold as the pale moon and I Began to feel so useless in her arms, like a broken vase With dried up flowers sitting in a remainder of a muddy water […]

  • this man

    this man

    Mornings come and morning go Faded in a mist of coffee and pale smoke of Burnt toast, I feel this man’s hands could squeeze me Breathless just as easily as he can ease the pain  From my tense shoulders, his jawline skin is blue and bruised from razors From midnight fights, from lustful kisses, he […]

  • Movies


    The movie had ended and the boy sat up He looked so solemn, so troubled, as he fought The tears awaiting behind his eyes, the photography was lovely, The story simply brilliant, he especially liked The joyful play of the sunlight flaring on the windows, The growingly opaque blue smoke swallowing the tiny houses The […]

  • end credits

    end credits

    We sat there for several hours The wind squeezed its way into the car Through the slightly cracked open window It made a whistling sound, like Thomas, the building site worker, Used to make whenever high school girls in skirts passed by Oblivious to his hungry, wolflike stare, surprising Isn’t it, she said, suddenly breaking […]

  • common courtesy

    common courtesy

    We broke up just yesterday evening, It was a common courtesy to wait until The tea had been drank, the cookies have been eaten, The sugary crumbs thrown away to diabetes prone pigeons, Tip tapping their little crimson feet on our window pane You don’t make me feel good anymore, I said Opening the window, […]

  • the blame

    the blame

    Woke up with dead weight eyelids Took forever to open my eyes Sandpaper friction each time I blink The world is a such a nasty place to be in Today It’s not you, It’s not me, it’s not even the weather And having no one to blame Feels absolutely the worst Image @ unsplash

  • raging sky

    raging sky

    And what have I ever did to you?!, I beg Of the entire world out there, mysterious and mischievous, hidden  behind a big blanket of rain Drenched in sweat, soaking wet, tears rushing down my face Their salty sting bothering the creases  Of my lips, but there is no one  There to answer, the storm […]

  • Buttery white silk

    Buttery white silk

    I loved the way she used to dress. Buttery white silk Victorian nightgowns and roman slippers Sliding on some pantyhose and putting on some dark green stilettos To get out of the house and smoke her cinnamon cigars At the decrepit cafe on St Jude’s Avenue, all my friends envied me For having such a […]

  • fingerprints


    This morning when I opened the window it seemed  The sky wore a brand new set of colors, more spectacular Than the pinks and blue and yellow, the clouds Seemed of butter and milk and the sun was somewhere Far beyond the trees, their leaves seemed lit from within I broke to tears, sometimes the […]