Lună: aprilie 2022

  • women, women

    women, women

    Women, women, women are so ugly and mean, the shiniest are deceivers The prettiest are shallow, the sweetest are toxic The smartest are dangerous, the funniest are tragic The loving ones are deadly, I try to hard to skin them all  Of their high qualities and good looks, fully aware that any one of them […]

  • truths


    There are truths hidden in the most arbitrary of places Like on the tip of your shoes, written in bold font, magenta Saying you shouldn’t feel so ashamed of the things That everybody does sometimes, there are horrible truths Impossible to swallow, like those hanging on the ceiling Of your mouth, navy blue italics saying […]

  • april disease

    april disease

    There’s a cinematic vibe to my dreams lately The costume guy’s a nut head, but such a visionary Special effects blast out of nowhere, and the director’s definitely Not afraid to show some blood, affairs of the heart Are arbitrary and confusing, much like in real life House and buildings unfit for people feeling unfit […]

  • leaving


    Seeing you take off into the glorious sunset Sipping on the rosé we started together a few hours ago I’m not the least sad you left, I told you I need someone To hold my hand, I am one of the lost people Who cannot, ever, find their way by themselves To whom life is […]

  • failure


    So, this means so long to this feeling of failure I always had, not being able to enjoy nature’s beauty, Having never cried when sun rose from the restless morning waves, Never kissed a fish and throw it back into the waters Never hugged a blooming tree, never spent hours on end Watching meteor showers, […]

  • Flowers


    Magnolias, jasmine, apple blossom A profusion of sweet smells, small tended gardens With wild forest flowers growing amongst the thyme Having travelled from so far, only to become unwanted Ripped and thrown away, so much time wasted Watching flowers, listening to music from early years When you could do so many foolish things without hearing […]

  • 7th of April

    7th of April and raw green grass grew literally everywhere Greenery and blossom fooled everyone into thinking This is the new beginning, not all hope is lost, not yet Half the trees already shook off their petals, white and pink Silky and bright, like confetti, there’s a celebration You promised you’d come by for coffee […]

  • the end of us

    the end of us

    Come by mine, we can play pretend we’re an item We can play house, I can let you pick the furniture In every room, rounded mirrors, wooden cabinets Pale pink curtains, manual vintage expressos and ceramic cups Everywhere, except the bedroom, leave it the way it is An large bare room with a massive bed, […]