Lună: martie 2022

  • thoughts on smiling

    thoughts on smiling

    I once fell in love with a self assured woman She was so complete, I don’t even know  Why she needed me at all, she was so smart And a royal beauty, who so rarely laughed Said it didn’t like what it did to her nose She would rather frown when I made a silly […]

  • the truth

    the truth

    You know, there is a certain point in the future Where even the worst disaster starts resembling an anecdote When things that matter and those that didn’t become Faces of the same tapestry, parts of the same thing Slightly different, but equally important in the bigger picture Much like coincidence and intent, he said, sniffing […]

  • evenings


    The evening light was starting to fade Clouds quickly turning from pink to purple To dark blue, a distant ruffle of wind in the trees Doing more than rearranging leaves and bothering birds But making her own mind uneasy, here, look at all these attractive Prosperous young people, walking around in their limited edition nikes […]

  • places


    There is something so terrible about returning To places where you once were so unbelievably happy, so stupidly happy Feeling so much less, it only deepens your trouble Green clouds on purple sky, snow glazed mountains, Air sharp as a knife, midnight stars sparkling  Like sugar in a spoon still seem so beautiful to me […]

  • Momente


    Erau puține momente ca astea, izolate În afara timpului, învăluite într-o aură de lumină ireală Albăstruie, sidefată, superioare celor comune Înecate în albul prăfuit al zilelor în care erau departe una de cealaltă Libere să se gândească la prietenia lor ca la ceva garantat De scurgerea imperturbabilă a anilor, de amintiri,  De lucruri trăite împreună, […]

  • Thoughts on kissing

    Thoughts on kissing

    There is something so intimate about the way we kissed It felt like conquering, like returning, like dreams becoming reality I saw you touch your lips so gently, like checking your mouth Was still there and I’m so sad knowing that our kiss Didn’t let me steal your lips, didn’t change anything. image source: unsplash

  • Where will you go?

    Where will you go?

    I find such amazingly comforting release when watching the world From the comfort of my bed, clothes lain aside Waiting for me to pick them up, sorry, no. Not today I prefer watching the wind rearrange skinny branches, making haunting noises Like someone whispering my name  The skin naked, the cup of coffee hot, leaving […]

  • Seninătate


    Îi era mult mai greu decât ar fi crezut Să accepte seninătatea obrazului tatălui lui, Limpezimea din privire, albastrul irisului devenit bleu fum Felul în care privea întreaga lume desfășurându-se în afara lui Prin desișul genelor, ca și cum și-ar fi încheiat demult socotelile Și trăiește deja în afara ei, o privește detașat de pe […]

  • Thoughts on leaving/Thoughts on staying

    Thoughts on leaving/Thoughts on staying

    Soon after my brother ran away I failed  To conquer our room the way I’d always wanted Tossing his ridiculous vintage comic books and video games Ripping apart the black and white whitty posters with jokes I never truly understood, rolling my eyes as he’d repeat them like mantras Wearing his best pair of jeans, […]

  • Names and troubles

    Names and troubles

    I never had troubles with unraveling my simplistic adolescence Until the very first day of highschool, foolishly browsing for a familiar face Hopelessly falling for all the girls with mouth watering names, like Paula and Bianca and Diana With statuesque blondes and deadly serious brunettes, sun glazed  Hazeled-eyed pale beauties, mistaking my love for envy […]